November 30, 2006

Coughing till you puke.

Ive heard of people coughing so much that they puke. Well, today I experienced it. I woke up and had a nasty dry cough..which got intense and led to puking. Not sure why i am sharing that. Anyways, i then decided to drink a lot of water so that I would not have a dry cough, and that worked and my cough wasnt as intense. Tonight i will drink more water before i sleep so that i dont have that experience again tomorrow. A lesson learned.

Other than my cough. Life is alright. Im pretty sure Im close to loosing my job, which is sucky but i think its for the best. But today I took one of my girls shopping for a Bible, which was pretty cool. She bought at NLT Student Study Bible, I suggested it cause its a easy read then most and it also has blurbs and notes that she wanted to better understand passages. We did look at The Message, one had a super awesome cover that had skyscrapers on it, and a rain effect in the plastic. I wanted it just for the cool cover, but alas i already own The Message. She wanted to get one, but we went with the NLT cause that one has study notes and is more of what she needs at this point in time. I told her she could borrow my copy of The Message if she wanted. We also went to starbucks where we sat and talked about a million different things, it was good just to connect and get to know her more.

Anyways, while helping her buy a Bible, and look at some cds I realized that I could work at Blessings. I know about most of the Christian books out there, a little bit about Bible translations and a lot about the music and bands. I know ive said before that i dont want to work retail again, but i think this would be different. It would be something that im interested in, and i wouldnt be sitting at a kiosk bored out of my mind. I like christian books and cds, and i think i could do an alright job helping people find what they would like. As i stood there with the student and explained about Bibles and which one would be good for her, i thought to myself..if an employee was listening they would probably give me a job...meh. Anyways maybe ill check out tomorrow if they are hiring.

Concerning my present job, I think im done..I have a peace about it which is good.
Life goes on.


Camille said...

hey sarah!
k, so i was surfing the black hole known as myspace and somehow got onto your "space" and then saw you had a real blog!! cool stuff..

good to see you are doing well...

all the best, my old eastview buddy!!

Camille said...

ok, i mean well in general, not in the sick department... coughing till you puke does not qualify as well!!! ;)